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Why choose the Piccard Brush-KartTM for hull cleaning?

    During the last decade, efficient hull cleaning is playing a more crucial part of fleet management due to fuel savings, operational cost reduction, vessel speed performance improvement and emission reduction.
    Due to these new challenges, the Piccard Brush-KartTM remains the leader in underwater hull cleaning worldwide and the most reliable and efficient tool due to its initial concept and unique advantages.

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7 Versions, Full sets of consumables

Utilizing many years of experience and constant client feedback, Piccard Divers offers seven distinct versions of the Piccard Brush-KartTM, aiming to satisfy all the recurring needs and budgets of the commercial diver or any other hull-cleaning professional. In addition, a full array of consumables and spare parts are always in stock for timely support to our customers.

Global Service Network - 90 locations

Through its ever-expanding base, Piccard Divers is well-positioned to address requests of the international shipping community and refer reliable service worldwide that can undertake Hull Cleaning, Propeller Polishing, and related underwater works.