50 Years of Experience in Underwater Services

About Piccard Divers


1973: Piccard Divers was founded as a diving company providing underwater ship maintenance services in the major port of Greece, Piraeus.

1975: Introduction of the Brush-Kart in the Greek market through which Piccard Divers was able to service many ports in Greece. The Piccard Brush-KartTM system, a real innovation in underwater hull cleaning, had instant recognition, playing an important role in the increased demand and job assignment.

1970s-1990s: Piccard Divers operated three fully equipped diving service boats in the broader Piraeus area. Two of the original Piccard Brush-KartTM units are still operational in the same area today, evidence to the equipment’s unparalleled durability. During the same period Piccard Divers has cleaned over 14,000 vessels of every type of 150m.-length and above.

1985: Piccard Divers, reacting to market changes, began to construct its own, improved in many ways Piccard Brush-KartTM. The constant improvements on the new models of the equipment resulted in more durable and effective work. Along with the service function of the company, Piccard Divers started promoting and selling the new Piccard Brush-KartTM in Greece. After the first sales in Greece, interest from abroad followed, opening up new markets.

Existing in the Greek maritime field for almost 50 years, Piccard Divers has acquired vast experience, gaining technical, manufacturing and business expertise of the Piccard Brush-KartTM Underwater Hull Cleaning equipment.


2007: Piccard Divers launched the Electric and Double Electric Version of the Piccard Brush-KartTM, which uses the vessel’s current or generator instead of the Power Pack’s Diesel motor.

2012: The Mini Piccard Brush-KartTM triple head was launched with output 1,600-1,800m2/h, which uses the same Power Pack, hoses, consumables and spare parts accommodating specific needs.

2017: Following the global shipping developments of larger vessels construction, Piccard Divers introduced the Double Complete Brush-KartTM Version which operates 2 Brush-Kart triple heads simultaneously with 1 Diesel Power Pack. With 2 Brush-Kart triple heads working at the same time, the hull cleaning is completed in half the time, reaching the output of 6,000m2/h.

Keeping up with global developments in hull cleaning, Piccard Divers is constantly improving and searching for new, efficient and easy handled underwater hull cleaning solutions.